CRNA jobs from Western Healthcare

CRNA Jobs from Western Healthcare
From day one, we committed to becoming a genuine long-term partner with each of our clients and providers. We fulfill this mission using our true grit, which we define as the difference between being committed and trying hard. Your day does not end at 5:00 [link removed], and neither does ours. With passion and perseverance, we work around the clock, evenings and weekends, to make sure our commitment to excellence continues. We strive to create more than just a transactional relationship with the hospitals, clinics and outsourcing groups we work with nationwide. Each partnership is a shared effort to secure quality providers to meet coverage gaps, while our unique approach allows us to create customized solutions. We staff a wide variety of specialties in all 50 states, and are pleased to offer numerous options at facilities ranging from large metropolitan hospitals to small rural sites. Our goal is to give clients and providers a great first impression not only of us, but also the services we offer. We realize using a temporary staffing agency is often an alternative solution, so we work hard to educate you on the process and ensure a positive experience every step of the way. An unexpected travel cancellation or a change in schedule? No problem. We are there immediately to offer a solution, not an excuse. The demand for quality physicians exists for large, urban facilities as well as small-town clinics. Each deserve our best. Although challenging, we have an unmatched work ethic to dig deeper to find those providers to ensure our clients' needs are met. At Western, a leader is someone who exhibits a selfless behavior to mentor and promote the growth of others. Regardless of tenure, we identify these team members and provide them with leadership opportunities. Hard work and loyalty to our mission is key to our success. We make sure to reward our employees with a career path they can be proud of. Community outreach is a vibrant part of our culture. Helping others become happier and healthier gives us a rewarding sense of pride, brings us together as a company, boosts morale and motivates us to work harder. Learn how we've given back.
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