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Centra Health (Centra) is a regional nonprofit healthcare system based in Lynchburg, Virginia. With more than 8,100 employees, 500 employed providers and physicians, and a medical staff of nearly 800 providing care in 50 locations, Centra serves over 500,000 people as the dominant provider of critical medical services in central and southern Virginia. 

Centra was created in 1987 through the merger of the Lynchburg General (LGH) and Virginia Baptist (VBH) Hospitals. In 2006, Southside Community Hospital (CSCH) in Farmville became a Centra affiliate. In 2014, Centra acquired full ownership of Bedford Memorial Hospital (BMH), in the town of Bedford, which is its fourth hospital. In addition to these flagship facilities, the system includes Centra Specialty Hospital, a long-term acute care hospital, a regional standalone emergency department, health and rehabilitation centers, a cancer center, a nursing school, sites and providers serving a geography of approximately 9,000 square miles, and a health plan. Centra’s services also include residential and outpatient mental health facilities, home health and hospice programs, mammography centers, a sleep disorders center, and a center for wound care and hyperbaric medicine. Centra is home to the Central Virginia Center for Simulation and Virtual Learning, the only center in Virginia that offers a full range of simulation experiences.

Centra Lynchburg General Hospital, with 358 beds, is home to the Centra Stroobants Heart Center and Stroobants Cardiovascular Pavilion, a national benchmark facility for cardiac care. Centra Heart Center specialists perform more than 6,000 major cardiac procedures each year. LGH is also a Level II Trauma Center, providing emergency and critical care services to more than 85,000 patients per year (LGH’s emergency department ranks as one of the busiest in the state). LGH has a pediatric center and an outpatient surgery center and provides orthopedic, neurology, neurosurgery, diabetes, oncology and pulmonary services. The five-story East Tower at LGH has 144 private patient rooms for orthopedic, oncology, pulmonary and surgery patients.

Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital, a 161-bed facility located three miles from LGH, includes The Birth Center, Women’s and Children’s Health, and the region’s neonatal intensive care unit. VBH also serves as the primary regional provider of children and adult mental health services. VBH operates an outpatient surgery center and provides acute rehabilitation, physical therapy and ambulatory surgery. VBH is home to a variety of specialty services, including the Breast Imaging Center, Heartburn Treatment Center, Sleep Disorders Center, and the Center for Pain Management.

Centra Southside Community Hospital is a 116-bed acute care facility. CSCH’s hospital inpatient services include obstetrics, general medicine intensive care, surgical services, and general medicine. The hospital serves as the medical hub for an eight-county region. In a typical year, CSCH has an estimated 4,000 admissions and sees more than 33,000 patients through its emergency department.   

Centra Bedford Memorial Hospital is a full-service medical facility with special emphasis on outpatient surgery, emergency services, cardiology care, and rehabilitative services. The facility offers 24-hour emergency care to a local community of approximately 60,000 residents. CBMH is a licensed 50 bed acute care facility with an attached licensed 111 bed long-term care facility.   Centra Bedford Memorial Hospital has an estimated 1,800 admissions and 18,000 emergency department visits. 

Through the Alan B. Pearson Regional Cancer Center, opened in 2008, Centra caregivers treat a broad range of cancers, including lung, prostate, breast, brain, kidney, bladder, ovarian, lymphoma, leukemia, colon, uterine and rectal. The Cancer Center brings radiation and medical oncology together in one facility for patient convenience. Centra’s comprehensive cancer services and treatments range from the newest minimally invasive robotic surgery and Trilogy linear accelerator to chemotherapy, biological and targeted drug therapies; genetic testing; and clinical trials.

The Centra College of Nursing offers four nursing programs: Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN), Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), Practical Nursing Program (PN) and Nurse Aide Education Program. The College incorporates the various aspects of the Professional Practice Model developed and implemented by Centra for the purpose of educating nursing students to provide safe, quality, patient-centered care based on best practices.

Centra Medical Group is a network of local family practices, primary care physicians, and medical and surgical specialists. With over 260 employed physicians, specialists and surgeons covering the greater Lynchburg area and spanning from Danville to Farmville, and Moneta to Big Island and Bedford, CMG provides the community with primary care physicians, cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, gerontologists, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, psychiatrists, therapists and urologists.

The Centra Foundation was established in 1993 to develop and direct resources for the support of Centra. Over the past five years, on average the Centra Foundation provided $5.7 million annually in support of Centra programs. The Centra Foundation currently manages $30 million in endowed assets with a total net asset portfolio of $85 million. Gifts in 2020 totaled $2.3 million.

Centra is the parent of Piedmont Community Health Plan, Inc., a for profit network and administrative services company, which itself is the parent of an insurer (Piedmont Community Healthcare, Inc.) and a health maintenance organization (Piedmont Community Healthcare HMO, Inc.), which together cover over 21,000 individuals. In addition to ASO services for self-funded employers, Piedmont offers fully insured products, including individual Exchange plans and large and small group products. Piedmont’s primary service area is largely aligned with Centra’s, with expansion plans for its network underway.  In 2021 Piedmont will implement a new claims platform and technology infrastructure to support its current membership and growth plans.  Piedmont recently exited the Medicare Advantage business, but intends to return to MA.

Through Piedmont and another affiliate, Archetype Health, which is an accountable care organization (ACO) and clinically integrated network (CIN), Centra will develop the expertise to manage risk as it transitions from a "volume to value" orientation and focuses on population health. Together Piedmont and Archetype will further the adoption of new models of reimbursement, care management, electronic patient-member record integration, data analytics, and physician alignment to support high-quality, affordable care.

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CRNA Opportunity-Farmville, VA (close to Richmond, VA)$220,000 - Base Rate/year - (1760 hours)$10,000 -   Incentive Metric (annual)$30,000 -   Sign-on Bonus (3 yr commitment)$135/hr -   Excess Hours RateThe Centra Southside division of Centra Medical Group (CMG) anesthesia offers a care team model practice...
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