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Jeremy founded EGA Associates officially in 2016/17. He started as a consultant in this business back in 2012 and saw the need for it. As he was gaining traction and won a couple VA contract awards, and it took off from there. As a Marine veteran and Naval Officer*, he wanted to help provide better care for other veterans that have served, by way of providing quality talent to the VA.

Early on his father was a veteran and in and out of the VA healthcare system, so he had an appreciation for it since then, and that’s what got him into this business. Overtime, he worked for a healthcare staffing firm more specifically government divisions/working with VA hospitals. He worked with other small business working with the government and mentored them through the process. He quickly realized many companies didn’t want to work with the VA because of the complicated process, and he saw a need out there, especially for the veterans needing quality care.

Working with the government is cumbersome but it’s really like a puzzle, and putting the pieces together. He saw this as an opportunity to connect the dots. He wanted to be an integrator – and didn’t plan on doing this himself – and saw other companies not willing to put the time in to do the right thing, just wanting the quick contract award. He saw the need to find the right people to solve the VAs core issues. That’s why he started this and to figure that out to keep that mission going. There is a shortage of resources out there for the VA and wanted to able to help them long-term. It’s been very rewarding.

*Use of military rank, titles, or photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.

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CRNA working with Veterans
EGA is looking for a CRNA to work a contract position at the Wilkes Barre VA Medical Center - this position can be full-time, part-time or per diem (1-2 days per week). QualificationsStrong patient assessment skillsDemonstrated knowledge of and skill in oral communication, written communication, interpersonal relations, customer s...
Pennsylvania-Wilkes Barre 09/29/2022 View

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